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Primary Care Network (PCN)

In March 2019 all practices in Bromley were asked by the Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group to arrange with each other to join up in groups. The groups are called Primary Care Networks and must have a minimum of 30,000 patients each.   London Lane Clinic has joined up with Dysart surgery and Southview surgery to form the Mid Bromley PCN.

Primary Care Networks have been given two areas to work co-operatively together on:

  1. Extended hours: they will be expected to join together when providing extended hours, so that if there is a surgery that doesn’t offer evening and Saturday appointments to their patients, the other practices in their PCN could see their patients for them. The London Lane Clinic, Dysart Surgery and Southview Surgery all already provide their own extended hours and will continue to see their own patients, so there will be no change for our patients.

2       Employment of a community pharmacist: PCNs will be expected to jointly employ a pharmacist to work a few days a week in each practice on prescribing issues.  The Mid Bromley PCN is currently in the process of recruiting.

Last updated 31.7.19


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