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Bromley Well

Bromley Well is a local organisation funded by Bromley Council and the Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group which helps Bromley residents improve and maintain their health and wellbeing. They provide services for older people, people with advanced illness and frailty, carers, people with long term health conditions, adults with learning difficulties and adults with physical disabilities. To find out about the services they provide visit their website :

Citizens Advice Bromley

Citizens Advice Bromley are a part of the Bromley Well service. CAB offer advice on universal credit, welfare benefits, employment, debt, housing as well as advice on family issues and practical help on what the coronavirus means for individuals.   They are open seven days a week from 9am – 5pm on 0300 330 9039 (local rate call) or by email at  You can leave a voicemail if the line is busy and state whether you permit CAB to leave a voicemail on your answerphone when they return the call.

Bromley Well is helping residents to maintain mental wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic

Bromley Well has new services and support available for people to manage their mental wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak. An information pack, tutorials and webchat services are now available. Please share details of these services with your vulnerable patients.

Bromley Well has launched new services to help residents to manage their mental wellbeing during the Covid-19 outbreak. These include:

  • Online peer support groups on Facebook with regular wellbeing Q&A sessions
  • Coping with life during lockdown support programme starting mid-May
  • Free, downloadable special edition mental wellbeing information pack
  • Webchat service if you’re struggling to use telephone help services or if you just want someone to listen. Text the word “HELPATHOME” to 07718 403574 if you’d like to get this help
  • Wellbeing tutorial videos, the first one “Coping with Adjustments in Lockdown” is on Youtube. A support pack accompanies the tutorial

How to get this support

Services are free for residents in the borough of Bromley. People can self-refer by calling Bromley Well on 0300 330 9039 or email or

Details on all of the above are available here:


Bromley Well young carers app

A young carer is someone aged under 19 who helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol. Bromley Well has a Young Carers App which is available to download free of charge via Applestore and Google Play where you can find useful information, resources and tools. If you are a young carer, visit the Bromley Well website and register to start using the App.