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Talk Together Bromley

Talk Together Bromley offers talking therapies and specialist support for adults registered with a Bromley GP.

At least one in four of us experience mental health problems at some stage in our lives.  Problems such as anxiety, low mood, stress and worry can happen for many reasons.  It’s important to remember that there are people who can help you if things are getting too difficult for you to cope with.

Much of the support offered by Talk Together Bromley can be accessed on-line or by telephone, so that it is easy to access.  There are also groups and invididual sessions offered from a range of venues across the Borough of Bromley and they try to see you near to your home wherever possible.

You can ask your GP or any other healthcare professional to refer you to this service, or you can refer yourself by calling 0300 003 3000.  Alternatively, you can complete their on-line self-referral form via their website