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Prescribing practice

Generic prescribing

The London Lane Clinic has a generic prescribing policy in line with local guidelines.  This means that you will be prescribed a generic medicine whenever possible.

What is a generic medicine? After the patent for a branded medicine has run out, other companies can manufacture it under a generic name.  The medicine is just as safe and effective as the original branded product but it is usually much cheaper. Using generic medicines saves the NHS millions of pounds and allows money to be spent on other treatments.

Why do generic medicines look different? The branded medicines are different in colour, size, shape and even taste to the generic versions.  This does not alter the effects of the medicines.  In some cases tablets and capsules have special coatings so that the medicines lasts longer in the body and the doctor may feel that it is best for you to stick to one brand.

Self care

Many common illnesses and ailments are best treated at home with rest or with advice from a pharmacist (chemist) – with no need to see a doctor or nurse.  Self-care is about looking after yourself – managing common conditions like headaches, colds and flu.

GPs in Bromley, including at the London Lane Clinic, are no longer routinely providing prescriptions for short term minor health conditions.  Instead patients are encouraged to treat these at home with “over the counter” medicines obtained from the pharmacist or supermarket.  These medicines and treatments include:

Acne treatment, Analgesic/pain relief, anti-fungal treatment (athlete’s foot, oral or vaginal thrush, ring worm), camouflage creams, cold sore treatment, colic treatment, constipation treatment, cough, cold and sore throat treatment, diarrhoea treatment, ear wax remover, eye treatments (conjunctivitis/dry eyes), haemorrhoid (piles) treatment, hayfever treatment, head lice treatment, herbal and complementary treatments, homeopathic preparations, indigestion and heartburn treatment, mouth ulcer treatment, nappy rash treatment, scabies treatment, suncream, threadworm treatment, topical steroid treatment for insect bites/stings, contact dermatitis, nappy rash, vitamins and minerals, wart and verruca treatment.

Patients needing long term treatment and those who are frail or housebound will still be able to get these medicines prescribed on the NHS.


Your local pharmacist can give you expert advice on how to care for many common health complaints.  They can recommend over the counter medicines that can help, if needed.

You can also have a confidential consultation with a pharmacist in a private area of the pharmacy.

If your condition needs the attention of a GP or another healthcare professional, the pharmacist will recognise this and advise you to seek further help.

More information on self-care is available on the Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group website. Please visit: