Repeat prescriptions

Please leave your request for a repeat prescription at reception or post it to the surgery.  You may also request repeat medications over the internet using the link on this page, if you have registered to use this facility (please ask at Reception for details).

Requests for repeat prescriptions are not taken over the telephone for medico-legal reasons as errors can occur in verbal communication.  Tick the items you need on the right-hand section of your previous prescription form or on the screen, if you are making the request electronically.  Your prescription will be ready for collection within 2 working days.  If you prefer, we can post it back to you (you will need to provide a stamped, addressed envelope).  Some local pharmacies (chemist shops) run a collection/delivery service for patients.  On a Saturday you can come and collect a prescription up to eleven in the morning.

We are keen to ensure that patients with ongoing medical problems are monitored regularly.  If the date for your next review with a doctor or nurse has passed, you will be asked to make an appointment.

If you are taking any new medication prescribed by a hospital or clinic we will need written confirmation from the hospital/clinic.  This will then be added after verification with the doctor.  You may be asked to see the doctor or have a telephone consultation for certain prescription requests which are not authorised.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, please could you ensure you have adequate medication to cover you until the end of the holiday break, and discuss with our staff if you require any additional medication.

Electronic Prescription Service

The London Lane Clinic uses the Electronic Prescription Service.  This service allows us to send your prescription electronically to a pharmacy (chemist) of your choice.  This can prevent problems arising from lost prescriptions, it is quicker, and reduces the possibility of error.

Patients who have repeat medications can nominate a pharmacist to receive their prescriptions electronically.  If you would like to use this service, please speak to your pharmacist.